• What is LifeMap?

    LifeMap is a roadmap designed to help you figure out “what to do and when to do it” as you journey toward completing your educational and career goals. The LifeMap system links all of the components of Cedar Valley College (faculty, staff, courses, technology, programs, services) into a personal itinerary to help you succeed in your college experience.


The LifeMap system features four stages that you will progress through on your path toward graduation. Each stage is clearly identified by the number of college level credit hours. The system's links provide planning tools to help you develop and implement educational and career plans.


The LifeMap Programs and Services navigation links on the tool bar direct you to more details on how to progress through Cedar Valley College programs and services.

Success Indicators

The LifeMap Success Indicators navigation links are available to help you determine when you are ready to progress to the next stage.


The LifeMap site also provides additional links to other valuable Cedar Valley College resources.

It All Begins with ME - Math Empowerment

Math EmpowermentThe LifeMap site also provides you with a plan to help you succeed at first college-level mathematics courses.
This LifeMap site was adapted from the LifeMap system developed by Valencia Community College.